Yolanda Valenzuela- Board Member

Yolanda Valenzuela

Board Member

Yolanda Valenzuela has 17 years’ experience in all areas of Nonprofit business. Yolanda was the Vice President of Programs & Operations at CASA (Child Advocates San Antonio) where she worked for 14 years. She helped to grow this Volunteer based agency from 150 volunteers to 820 volunteers, the staff from 8 to 38 while increasing the children served from 500 to 2,700. After leaving San Antonio CASA she went on to do work with the state agency Texas CASA in Austin and works with the various of the 72 CASA’s in Texas that may be having issues or needing improvements and helps them to move to the next level to be more effective, efficient and have a strong foundation in which to serve more children in the CPS systems. Yolanda has 24 years’ experience in the area of education and regularly assists parents with ARD meets and other issues in order that the child has the best opportunities within the school district.

Yolanda is currently the CEO of Alamo City Consultants, a business she created based upon her vast experience in the area of nonprofit. She works with Nonprofit agencies to improve systems and organizational development within all areas of the agency. In addition, she provides PR assistance, grant writing training, operational assistance, Strategic Planning, team building, facilitates, moderates and provides training opportunities in a vast amount of areas to include child abuse, areas of mental health, disabilities, education, cultural diversity, etc.  In 2018 she worked with 50-60 different nonprofits helping them in various ways of improvement.

Yolanda is highly connected to Nonprofits, Community members, Educator’s, Judges, Attorneys, Television stations, etc. and often does interviews on issues occurring in the community with regards to child abuse, mental health, disabilities, etc.

Yolanda has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Master’s degree in Counseling & Guidance and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology and is about 80% finished with the course work.