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Olivia Flores Ortiz

Board Member

Olivia Ortiz is Activist, educator and CEO.Olivia Flores Ortiz has dedicated herself to the development and enrichment of her community. Heavily influenced by her grandmother growing up in San Antonio, Olivia began her professional career as an educator, teaching English and Special Education.

During her nine years in the classroom, she began to see the needs not only of her students, but of the larger San Antonio community. Social justice, accurate representation and speaking authentically to the Latinx community became the driving forces behind her work.

In 2009, she met fellow teacher Cruz Ortiz. Married in 2012, they began what has become a decade of collaboration —so far.The couple founded Snake Hawk Press in response to demand from those seeking commercial versions of his work. Olivia beganworking on individual projects for Snake Hawk Press, continuing to take on responsibility until she ultimately served as CEO.

In addition to keeping the business running, Olivia spearheaded many individual projects.As part of her community work, Olivia serves as a proud board member of Eva’s Heroes, a non-profit founded by Eva Longoria dedicated to enriching the lives of those with special needs. She also serves as co-chair of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Census 2020 Committee. And lastly,she was appointed to the Bexar County Child Welfare Board and chairs the Marketing Committee.

As the brand has evolved, Olivia has started including lifestyle products into the brand. Growingup, Olivia worked rehabbing furniture with her grandmother. Including these lifestyle products felt like a natural progression in the brand. It is our goal to continue to create authentic pieces and experiences —as well as a desire by Oliva and Cruz to expand the work they offer.

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